Bon Voyage: Hidden Object App Reviews

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I can't see the word clues and the picture clues are barely showing.

Rip Off

I paid for the app, but still I get advertisements after I finish every round! The ads should be removed, because they are REALL ANNOYING! Then, it would be a fun game!

Doesn't work

Following the most recent update, the app tries to open but can't. Any advise?


I've been through all the levels. Now frustrated I can't play again. You should be able to start over, even if you had to buy it again. Really miss playing.


Great game. It even lasted awhile. Thanks to the 3 part clues.

Great fun!

Please send us more, more, more!

Scene not opening!

I enjoy this game but not all of the scenes. Please correct this issue!


Seems to have a problem - stuck on a level. Although I am finding items quickly, the game will not move on to the next level. I also just loaded the updated version and it still has this issue.

Won't open

Just downloaded the update and now the game won't open. Disappointing because I was looking forward to the new stuff. Update: deleted then reinstalled game then it opened just fine. Now the picture for the Cambodian Ruins doesn't show up. Other than being defective, the part that does work is great. Update July 1: in the Egyptian Tomb scene the rope does not respond when tapped. Makes it impossible to move on. Can you guys get this game fixed once and for all?!

Lots of bugs in the new download

Objects are sticky and you can't release them without multiple taps.this causes you to lose points on accuracy. In addition the games are not saving your scores .

Bon voyage

Unable to open Cambodian ruins screen in any of the modes.

New Bugs .... Needs attention

Love the game even though there is a translation issue on some items HOWEVER, the game progress on the new level (extreme travels) isn't saving, I've had to replay it and the very last scene (cambodian ruins) is missing. Only a map of the world shows.

Fun game

Needs more scenes

Won't open with new update

I love this game and was excited to try out the new French location. Still waiting to try the French location. It doesn't open anymore!

Bon voyagers

I bought this game and it does not work. The only one that works is the free game... Please fix the one I purchased Thanks

Combo 5

I enjoy Bon Voyage, but what in the world is Combo 5?

Pay for hints? No way!

This fame asks you to pay for hints very quickly. And those hints are necessary since the authors are not native English speakers, and the clues are sometimes weird words that this national English honor society member could figure out! It could be cool, if the hints were more readily available. Otherwise, a huge rip off. Shame on them, and on apple for letting this one through. It needs more work.


Enjoyed this very much.

Bon Voyage

Hours of Fun!!!

Deceptive Marketing

Many objects can be found. However, included are objects that force you to use hints. For instance, what is a "packet"? A piece of Internet data? Yes, but in this game it's a brown paper bag with handles. After using the hints a couple of times they want you to buy more, at $1.99 for twelve. Another consumer ripoff!

Bon voyage

I do not know how to get it out of German. otherwise fun

Good game

Enjoyed game. New twist, liked the different aspects. Went to quick. Wish there were more levels.

Good, but bad

It was ok but it needs more holidays and it wouldnt let you click on the things


Too little game for the price. Needs to add more levels or scenes, and/or add challenges within the existing levels. I've completed this game in less than a week with approx 6 hours playing time. I've had free game apps last longer, with more to do in the game. Also I should never see an ad in a paid app but since I "completed" the game, I constantly get ads for other games from this seller.

GREAT game!!

Great app!!!! It keeps you with the attention to its limits to find objects. Good creativity of the creators!!!


Downloaded but wouldn't open. Even deleted and reinstalled. It looks like it could be decent if it worked.

Bon voyage

Zero stars. Won't download for me!

A mystery how to win

Would somebody tell me how to move forward in this game. I have played each game until I am bored with it, but it will not unlock the next game & sometimes the object is not even there & other times you have to tap it so hard, that you loose points. Very frustrating. I wonder if the makers of these games ever read the comments. If so you guys really need to fix this or give a refund to your customers. I hope you fix it, it is really a fun game. You guys need to fix this or give me my money back, period.


I'm a little suspicious of these glowing reviews. The scenes are attractive enough, but the designer is clearly not a native speaker of English. They were too many situations where the clue or the name of the object wasn't quite the correct word. There are also a number of places where the picture has multiple objects that match a clue but only one is acceptable. This is especially annoying as the game penalizes for too many wrong answers in a row, and it doesn't have an untimed option. I found the vocabulary errors too frustrating and I just quit after a few rounds.


Effects memory on iPad & messes up permissions. Some bugs in program that effect scoring. On certain levels won't recognize 5 combo. More info needed as to how scoring works. Not American English so some pics don't really match words. Shadows & associations are easier to decipher. Good graphics & challenges.

Wasted $$

Although this game was only $2.99, it crashes every time I try to open it. Wasted money.

Bon voyage

Not worth your money. Keeps turning off.


There is a HUGE difference between a "scapula" and spatula....also, a HUGE difference between a "tube" and a tuba!!! Come on now!!!! Get it together!!!

Wonderfully fun!

If someone enjoys hidden object games, this app is the ticket. It's reasonably priced and has excellent graphics. With the zoom feature, smaller objects are more easily found. Needless to say, this game will provide endless hours of fun.

Won't load

Crashes every time I try to open it.

Okay but.....

They expect you to buy more "hints". I really don't care for games that try to keep charging you.....

Won't load

Won't load but took my $2.99. So not nice. Please fix, looks like it would be fun if it would only work...sigh.

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